The Motivational Voice Podcast | Motivation, Positivity and Life Skills

The Motivational Voice Podcast provides original and uplifting ideas for both your professional and personal life. Original motivation and self motivation techniques illustrated with real life examples, help teach you how to get motivated and inspired. The goal of this podcast is to empower you, one word at a time, so you may lead a happy, effective and productive life. Find the will power to overcome anything and do anything you set your mind to.
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The Motivational Voice Podcast | Motivation, Positivity and Life Skills



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Nov 28, 2017

Creating a Success Mindset with Troy McClain.  In this interview, Troy gives valuable tips on how to create a success mindset.  There are many obstacles to success.  A negative mindset can be one of the hardest challenges to overcome.  Listen as Troy talks about his early beginnings, his journey as an entrepreneur, the struggles he overcame, his appearance on the Apprentice Season 1, his latest project Tovuti and some very actionable advice on success and mindset.

Nov 10, 2017

There are life lessons in almost everything we do.  However, some life lessons can only be learned through travel and they can change your perception on life for the better. In this episode, I talk to Siffy and Tor Torkildson, a remarkable, well-travelled couple, sharing the lessons they learned from travelling.

Nov 6, 2017

Three 3 steps to creating positive habits that stick.  This episode explores the reasons why bad habits are so difficult to stop.  I discuss 3 tips that detail how to create positive habits using a scientifically sound approach to creating positive habits.

Oct 2, 2017

How do you stop worrying about life in general and negative events that happen around us? These days it feels like the world is going downhill. We are surrounded by bad news, natural disasters coupled with our own personal struggles. In this session, I introduce a simple exercise that teaches you how to stop worrying and stay positive despite the doom and gloom.

Sep 4, 2017

14 tips on how to improve communication in your relationship.  I break down how to avoid fights in a relationship by addressing 14 areas of communication.  If you feel communication in your relationship could be improved, this episode will offer you advice and tips on how to do that.  Some of the biggest challenges in a relationship can be eliminated if you make communication a priority. 

Mar 5, 2017

How do you brand yourself or your company? In this episode, I interview Leonard Kim, brand strategist and marketing strategy expert.  Leonard shares tips on how to build your brand and provides useful information on the best way to approach your brand strategy.  Branding can be useful to anyone looking to present themselves in a professional manner and can be personal or professional in nature.


Feb 21, 2017

This episode shares 6 tips for keeping your new year’s resolution throughout the year using real examples and strategies for how to keep your new year’s resolutions and do it efficiently.  The tips shared in this episode can also be applied to any short-term goals.