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The Motivational Voice Podcast provides inspirational and motivational ideas for both your professional and personal life. Words of encouragement and self motivation techniques, illustrated with real life examples, help guide you in your personal life, relationships, career and in all aspects of life. The goal of this podcast is to empower you, one word at a time, so you may lead a happy, effective and productive life. Listen and find the motivation to overcome anything and do anything you set your mind to.

Jun 26, 2022

In our increasingly challenging world, the basic approach to leadership is no longer enough. Leadership must now be paired with other key principles to be effective. In this episode, my guest and I discuss the necessary combination of leadership and resilience.

Jun 9, 2022

Struggling to get motivated or stay motivated? The secret to staying motivated is not motivation, it’s something else entirely. In fact, there’s a formula to staying motivated and it’s a game changer for anyone looking to build effective motivational habits. Tune in and listen as my guest and I discuss strategies...